Are there hidden fees or costs?

No.There are no startup fees or administrative costs.

Sitewisely will charge you only for your subscription.

You can purchase addtional datasets if you need them.

Can I add an additional dataset to my subscription?

Check out our available datasets.

Yes. You can purchase additional datasets should you need them. Get in touch and we can help you.

I’ve forgotten my password

No problem. Click on Forgot Your Password on the sign in page and follow the prompts.


Can I have a demo?

Sure. Let us show you what Sitewisely can do for you. Once you’ve signed up, send us an email at enquiries@sitewisely.io

What areas does Sitewisely cover?

Australia. For now.

Something technical isn't working.

No problem. Contact us and we get it fixed.


What is Open Data?

Open data is freely available to be accessed, used and shared by all.

But...access to data is one thing. Being able to visualise, understand and experiment with data is quite another.

We’ve taken care of the legwork and mapped it all for you. You’re welcome.

What is Advanced Data?

Sitewisely’s advanced data is publicly available, however it’s technically complicated to map.

Sitewisely sources advanced data from many public and private sector sources.

What is Partner Data?

Partner data is generated and maintained by third parties and is usually protected under copyright, patent and/or trade secret laws.

In other words, it’s pretty cool.

Our partners include Veitch Lister Consulting and MapBox.

Can I buy raw data?

Yes. Advanced users can directly incorporate raw data into their existing analytical and visualisation processes. Data is delivered as a geodatabase or shapefile for use in GIS software such as ArcGIS, Mapinfo or QGIS.

What is the Zenith Transport Model?

Zenith is a travel modelling system which has been used extensively for transport planning in Australia. It simulates how people travel within a city and how they are likely to travel in the future, producing data relating to traffic estimates, fuel consumption and vehicle kilometres.

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