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Sitewisely’s new interface has LAUNCHED!

16 November 2022

We are super excited to announce that our platform has had a makeover! Here at Sitewisely our aim is to develop a world-class urban analytics platform that is simple to use and provides the best possible experience and insights to our users…within seconds!

Our new interface provides a modern look and feel, with improved navigation, layout and much more. More importantly, the new interface maximises the mapping real estate, enabling users to generate amazing maps and insights for their respective presentations and projects.


Let your map do the talking

The new interface includes a cleaner look with consolidation of most features and functionality on the left-side bar. This allows for more map real estate so the user can gain better insights with the data.

New Sitewisely interface has a larger map area

Find things quickly

Simple enhancements such as labels on icons have been added to take the guess work out of all the features.

Catchment Analysis is much easier to navigate with labelled icons

One location

By consolidating the majority of features on the left-hand side menu, users can easily find the account management, address search bar, help button and share function are also now all in one place.

Account settings now live on the left-hand sidebar along with search and the region selector

We would love to hear your thoughts on the new Sitewisely interface or your experience with the platform more generally. Reach out to us at

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