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Sitewisely's New Measurement Tool and Enhanced Printing Capabilities

22 November 2018

Measurement Tool

We’ve added a measurement tool to our platform! The measurement tool allows you to measure:

  • The total distance between two (or more) points OR
  • The area of a polygon

How to use it

First click on measurement icon on the left sidebar. Then choose the metric you wish to calculate (distance or area based), and get measuring!

Measuring distance

If you wish to measure the distance between Central Station in Brisbane’s CBD and a store located nearby - you create a simple set of lines between the two places.

Straight Line Distance

Straight Line Distance

If you were interested in the same two points but how far it is to walk, you can click multiple points along the path to calculate a rough distance.

Network Distance

Network Distance

Measuring Area

If you wished to calculate the rough area of a block or building footprint, use the area tool and sketch out the location.

Area Measurement

This tool is particularly useful and visually powerful when looking at aerial imagery and cadastre data. You can easily use an aerial imagery map and zoom in on a building footprint, or block.

Enhanced Printing Tool

Up until recently users have only been able to print PDFs from the Sitewisely platform. We’ve just added the ability to print PNG files from the system which allows users to seamlessly create an image file to insert into their report or presentation. Simply click on the print button on the left side bar and select pdf or png.

How to print

PNG Printing

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