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People Movement Data

VLC has launched People Movement Data within the platform in reponse to a growing need for planners to understand how people are connected with our cities and communities.

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Evidence-Based Site Selection

Location matters, but choosing a location is a tricky business.

Sitewisely's unique cloud-based platform will help you better understand data
so that you can find, evaluate and compare potential locations.

Whether you're starting out, growing or downsizing, Sitewisely can help you choose your site wisely!


Get to know your customers, personally.

Mobility Analytics

Understand how people move around your site.


The future is uncertain. See what's planned near your site.

Points of Interest

Location drives demand. See what's nearby to drive business to you.

Competitor Analysis

Pinpoint your competition and make their location work for you.


Visualise data using state-of-the-art mapping technology.


Enterprise-level spatial analytics without the costs. Up-to-date data for businesses of all sizes.


Cloud-based. Just log in, anywhere. Easy-to-use and understand.


Select what's relevant and forget the rest. Whether it's demographics, traffic counts or competitor locations - just get what you need.


Businesses from a wide range of industries are using Sitewisely to stay ahead of the competition.

Restaurants & Convenience
Hotels and Accommodation
Health and Medical Centre
Gyms and Fitness Centres
Aged Care Facilities
Child Care Centres
Banking and Finance
Real Estate

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